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<b>face claim</b> <blockquote>Justin Baldoni</blockquote>
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<span>A Burden To Rule</span>
"He Who is Like God" perhaps the understatement of the year, Michael holds the head of the Christian Pantheon, holding the guise that God is real in the face of all the other pantheons out there. He is responsible for his fellow Angel, his fellow gods who are looking for purpose in their immortal existence. Some even believe the God myth, though Michael knows better as he was there during the "creation" of said being. It troubles him greatly that some of his siblings believe the lie they created to ascend higher than the other gods. Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Uriel, Azrael, Raphel, and Selaphiel, together they created the myth of God to consolidate their power, making a simple figure head for worship that the humans did not even have to affectionately name. No longer was there a need to figure out who Zeus had sex with, or why Odin is missing an eye, or why Ra was merged with the god Horus. There was just God, a plain and simple method of worship. It worked.
Michael was always a leader, which was why it vexed him so that Lucifer was always the favorite. Samiel, the light bringing, the morning star. He had a silver tongue, knew how to sway a crowd. He was pivotal in their ascension, just as he was pivotal to the myth of it. Lucifer became the villain they needed, their Hades, their Hel. Michael and the others chipped away until they became top dog of all the pantheons, universally worshiped almost. Lucifer's rise and fall held popular with those who feared God, unfortunately it was a cost that none of them really wanted to pay.
Lucifer was supposed to be the warden of Hell, the keeper of the light who would hold the evil souls at bay. Discovering Hell was a surprise, utilizing it to condemn those who did wrong in their name was the best use for it. Michael was to rule above, and Lucifer below, but it didn't work out the way that they had all planned. Lucifer created a Demon out of one of the damned souls, his twisted abomination frightened the others so that they sealed off Hell so Lucifer would remain. Michael was the one who did the deed, and it is something he holds as among their greatest mistakes. Lucifer became the villain in their myth, and the populace feared his influence. The one who was once the bringer of light, made himself the villain everyone thought he was.
Michael did what he could to help Lucifer with his exile but to no avail, he created Demons a plenty with every soul that was sent to him. He created an army, and army to fight his brothers and sisters who abandoned him. Michael knew the time for diplomacy was over, so before Lucifer could break free Michael and the others stormed Hell's gates and slayed most of Lucifer's army and truly made sure that he was kept down there for all eternity. Yet another nail in the coffin Michael was not proud of hammering in.
The centuries of witch turnings, crusades, and all the evil acts done in their name haunts him even to this day. Those who deserve Hell were sent to Lucifer, those who deserved Heaven came to Michael. Their word, their myth, twisted over the centuries to an almost unrecognizable state. The time for Heaven to end is nigh, and Michael is going to ensure the safety of those he can, brother, sister, human, friend or foe.
Michael's powers of an Archangel are great, on top of the ability to teleport, super strength, and the plethora of other human defying feats he can slow time down slightly and also summon a flaming sword whenever he rushes into battle. He can travel to and from Heaven as freely as taking a breath, but takes a bit to make a portal into Hell. Michael and the other Archangels may have created the lock, but Lucifer had created many of his own to prevent his brothers and sisters from easily accessing it.
Michael's goal on Earth is the acquirement of the relic known as the Holy Grail, in order to bring balance to Heaven he is enacting the reinstatement of the Knight's Templar. Michael will do whatever it takes, even defying his fellow Angel, in order to restore Heaven to the pinnacle of it's power.

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<p>His brothers and sisters in Heaven.



<div class="indigoname">Michael</div>
<div class="indigoname2">Raistlin - EST - Canada </div>
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