Welcome to Paid in Blood! We are a mature urban fantasy RPG that takes place in modern times. It is extremely character driven and are now open! So grab up a chair and take a look around! Our staff is quite friendly and we're more than willing to answer any and all questions that you might have!

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Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Jackie O'Neill Gifted 30-May 16 38
Rebecca Maddox Human 26-May 16 34
The Fates Admin 27-August 16 31
Gaiana Osbourne Mythical 19-May 16 21
Rina Osbourne Ancient 17-May 16 20
Virginia Whent Gifted 4-July 16 19
Jason Osbourne Ancient 22-May 16 19
Lucifer Ancient 22-May 16 17
Baleog Olafsson Ancient 22-May 16 17
Branden Ashdown Gifted 5-June 16 17
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