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 Subplot #7: The Council of the Covenant, Ongoing
The Fates
 Posted: Nov 24 2016, 11:52 PM



The Fates

Subplot #7
The Council of the Covenant
When the city of Santa Barbara was created, gods and supernatural beings were drawn to it even then. The creation of the Society of the Nine was necessary to uphold the peace as well as to ensure the continued enforcement of the Covenant between the city and the supernatural community. This helps to keep the city and it's inhabitants safe as well as to keep the supernatural community safe and in check as well as secret to boot. If those in the supernatural community were to break the Covenant, the consequences would be dire.

The Society of the Nine is just one side of the coin though. On the supernatural side, they too have a Council that preside over their own with representatives from each species. The various pantheons of gods have their own representative on the Council (these rotate out according to what pantheon the issues are currently affecting) as do the Vampires, the Werewolves, the Witches, and the Barons/Baronesses of Summer and Winter courts for the Fae. The Society of the Nine also send a representative to sit on the Council to represent the interests of the mortals of the city.

The Council is judge, jury, and executioner for those of the Supernatural. They meet once a month and in times of emergency and/or when the Covenant is in danger of being broken or has been broken. It is a partnership that has worked since the beginning of the city's being.

Please PM an admin if you think your character would be a good fit as representative on the Council. For more information about the Council and the Covenant, please see the Codex.

Representatives on the Council
Representative for the Gods: (please include which pantheon your character represents)
Representative for the Winter Court: Baron/Baronness
Representative for the Summer Court: Baron/Baronness
Representative for the Vampires:
Representative for the Witches:
Representative for the Werewolves:
Representative for the Society of the Nine:

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